Famous After Four

Famous After Four: the all-new 104.9 local artist spotlight featuring exceptional artists who live and perform in this area or have local roots. Discover new artists each weekday in the 4 o’clock hour with Catherine Browne. 

Calling all local artists!

If you’d like to be considered for the Famous After 4 spotlight please send a professionally produced WAV. file or artist suggestions to famousafter4@northshore1049.com.

Check back here every week for a list of featured artists!

Week of February 20 – 23


Tuesday: Katie Dobbins — “Post It Notes”      Website      –      Facebook 

Wednesday: 43 Church Street — “The America We Live In”      Youtube      –      Facebook

Thursday: KBMG Band (Dan King, David Brown, Dave Mattacks, Wolf Ginandes) — “Blue Sky Sundown”      Website      –      Facebook

Friday: Danielle M & the Glory Junkies — “All My Heroes are Ghosts”      Website      –      Facebook

Week of February 12 – 16

Monday: Daisy Nell & Captain Stan — “Snow on the Roof”      About      –      Music

Tuesday: Henri Smith — “That’s When I Know it’s Mardi Gras”      Website      –      Facebook

Wednesday: Marina Evans & Bernardo Baglioni — “Middle of the Ocean”      Website      –      Facebook

Thursday: Renee & Joe — “For My Love”      Website      –      Facebook

Friday: Brian & Mary Beth Maes — “Don’t Make Me Scream”      Website      –      Facebook

Week of February 5 – 9

Monday: Allen Estes — “Not with Your Hands”      Website      –      Facebook

Tuesday: Jon Butcher — “Madness”      Website      –      Facebook

Wednesday: Fly Amero — “I Am”      Website      –      Facebook

Thursday: Chelsea Berry — “Wandering”      Website      –      Facebook

Friday: The Fools w/ Mike Girard — “It’s a Night for Beautiful Girls”      Website      –      Facebook


  1. T Max

    I’m glad to see 104.9 giving airplay to local artists… as a long time supporter of local music and also a local musician, I’d like to submit a song to be considered for Famous After Four. Please let me know what format you would like.
    T Max


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