Best Cookies Out There


Join us at Crumbl Cookies in Woburn

North Shore 104.9 made their appearance again at Crumbl Cookies Woburn! We had to bring the buzz for the best cookies out there and joined the party at Crumbl Cookies with fun music and prizes. Their specialty flavors change every week, making it a sweet surprise every time you go! This week’s flavors were: Banana Cream Pie, Ruby chocolate chip, Oreo, and Stuffed peanut butter.

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Our Favorite!

The peanut butter filled cookie was a personal favorite, and definitely fan favorite talking to everyone who came out of the store with a tower of cookies. As someone told us at the event, you can never just get one, and they’re right! The prize wheel was a head turner at the plaza, encouraging shoppers to give it a spin with a chance of winning free cookies or Crumbl merch!

Naturally, we had to get some cookies as we left, and take it from us and all the people at Crumbl, they live up to the hype.

Crumble Cookies in Woburn
Crumble cookie display

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