Famous After Four

This local artist spotlight, sponsored by First Ipswich Bank, features exceptional artists who live and perform in this area or have local roots. Discover new artists each weekday about 4:15pm with Catherine Browne.  We play the daily featured artist the next morning on our Flashback weekday at 8:39am.  

Calling all local artists!

If you’d like to be considered for the Famous After 4 spotlight please send a professionally produced mp3 or WAV. file or artist suggestions to famousafter4@northshore1049.com.  (Please note: this will NOT be a live, in-studio performance.)

Check back here every week for a list of featured artists!

Week of November 12th – November 16th 

Monday: Molly Pinto Madigan – “Seven Tears”     Website     Facebook

 Tuesday: Tony Frontiero – “No Regrets”     Facebook

Wednesday: Katie Dobbins – “Jeep Song”     Website     Facebook

Thursday: Charing Cross – “Motion”        Facebook

Friday: Natalie Jolie & the Reckless Hearts – “Irresistable”     Website     Facebook

Week of November 5th – November 9th 

Monday: Adam Lufkin – “Already Found It”     Facebook

 Tuesday: Miss Mojo – “Fly Me Up”     Website     Facebook

Wednesday: Venue Mars Project – “LaLaLa Love”     Website     Facebook

Thursday: Stephanie James – “You Fill Me Up”     Website     Facebook

Friday: Madhouse – “In Love Again”     Website     Facebook

Week of October 29th – November 2nd 

Monday: Samantha Cain – “Lipstick is Armor”     Website     Facebook

 Tuesday:  Thee Fightin ‘Fish – “Creeper”      Website      Facebook

Wednesday: Tito (aka Tee Max) – “Godzilla Gotalota Singabout”    Facebook

Thursday: Angelo David – “This Place”     Website     Facebook

Friday: Dead River Drifters – “Slow Drifter”     Website      Facebook

Week of October 22nd – October 26th 

Monday: Cable and Lines – “Meadow”     Website     Facebook

 Tuesday:  43 Church Street – “Comin’ In”    Facebook

Wednesday: Mike Bishop – “Ideals of Fire”     Facebook

Thursday: Rise and Run – “Fantasy and Fiction”     Website     Facebook

Friday: Ariel Strasser – “The Light”     Website     Facebook

Week of October 15 – October 19th (revisiting some of the artists we first played!)

Monday: Fly Amero – “I Am”     Website      Facebook

 Tuesday:  Chelsea Berry – “Wandering”     Website      Facebook

Wednesday: What Time Is it Mr. Fox – “Carnival Kiss”     Website     Facebook

Thursday: Marina Evans – “Middle of the Ocean”     Website     Facebook

Friday: Brian Maes – “Don’t Make Me Scream” (featuring Marybeth Maes)   Website     Facebook

Week of October 8 – October 12th

Monday: Holiday (no feature)

 Tuesday:  John Jerome – “Scars”     Website     Facebook

Wednesday: Eric Coleville – “Josephine”      Website      Facebook

Thursday: Adam Lufkin – “Home Town”    Facebook

Friday: 3D – “A Bit Like You”      Facebook

Week of October 1 – October 5th

Monday: Amanda McCarthy – “Secret Love”     Website     Facebook

 Tuesday:  Tatiana Lyne – “Denim Skirt”     Website     Facebook

Wednesday:  Stone the Druggist – “Casually Addicted”     Website     Facebook

Thursday: Andrew Marshall – “Run Away”     Website     Facebook

Friday: The James Rocket – “Clothes Make the Man”     Website     Facebook

Week of September 24th – September 28th

Monday: Brian King & What Time Is It, Mr. Fox? – “Humpty Dumpty Girl”     Website     Facebook

 Tuesday:  Megan Wolf – “That Girl”     Website      Facebook

Wednesday:  Sarah Seminski & The Wild Versatile – “Sunday Morning”     Website     Facebook

Thursday: Nicole Zuraitis – “Come to Paradise (written by Suzanne Dean) Website     Facebook

Friday: Whisky 6 – “Party Town”      Website      Facebook 

Week of September 17th – September 21st…Featuring some 2018 New England Music Award Winners!

Monday: Katie Dobbins – “Bring On the Fire”  (2018 NEMA winner: Best in State – NH)  Website     Facebook

 Tuesday:  Gracie Day – “Come A Little Closer”  (2018 NEMA winner: Best in State – CT) Website     Facebook

Wednesday:  Annie Brobst – “Change of Heart”  (2018 NEMA winner: Song of the Year) Website     Facebook

Thursday: Christa Gniadek – “I Said I Love You”  (2018 NEMA winner: Female Performer of the Year)   Website     Facebook

Friday: Munk Duane – “Rae”  (2018 NEMA winner:  Male Performer of the Year) Website     Facebook 

Week of September 3rd – September 7th

Monday:  Charlie Farren – “The Boston Anthem”       Youtube     Website

Tuesday:  Gracie Day – “Black & Blue”     Website       Facebook

Wednesday:  Rival Island – “On Your Own”     Website     Facebook

Thursday:   Pier Ave – ‘Stones”     Website     Facebook

Friday:   Chelsea Berry – “Wandering”     Website     Facebook

Week of August 27th – August 31st

Monday: The Brian Maes Band  – “Don’t Make Me Scream”      Facebook

Tuesday: 43 Church Street – “The America We Live In”     Facebook

Wednesday: Danielle Miraglia & The Glory Junkies – “All My Heros Are Ghosts”     Website     Facebook

Thursday: Molly Brule – “I Don’t Want to Lose You Now”     Website     Facebook

Friday: Brian Alex & Entrain – “Lucky Just to be Alive”     Website      Facebook

Week of August 20th – August 24th

Monday: Tutti Druyan – “Call Me Baby”     Website     Facebook

Tuesday: Lay Low Moon – “All-Affirming”     Website     Facebook

Wednesday: Aaron Wardwell – “I Just Think It’s Love”     Website     Facebook

Thursday: Lockjaw Smile – “Feel Good”     Website     Facebook

Friday: Elsewhere – “Don’t You Believe Me Baby     Website      Facebook

Week of August 13th – August 17th

Monday: Dan King – “Closing Time Dear”     Website     Facebook

Tuesday: Mike Firicano – “Distant City”     Website     Facebook

Wednesday: Chris Palermo – “Cryin’ Baby” (with lead vocals by Zhana)   Facebook

Thursday: Dan Sirios – “Blood & Wine”     Website

Friday: Miss Mojo – “Wndering”     Website     Facebook

Week of August 6th – August 10th. This week’s theme is some “Favorite Famous After 4 Female Vocalists.”

Monday: Ali McGuirk – “Don’t Have To”     Website     Facebook

Tuesday: Katie Dobbins – “Bring on the Fire”     Website     Facebook

Wednesday: Ashley Dawn – “Raining Fire”    Website     Facebook

Thursday: Kate Eppers – “For Me There’s Only You”     Website     Facebook

Friday: Natalie Jolie – “Thunder”     Website     Facebook

Week of July 30th – August 3rd

Featuring artists who will be performing at Gables Fest at the House of Seven Gables in Salem on Saturday, August 4th from 4pm – 10pm.


Monday: John Keeghan & Madhouse – “In Love Again”     Website     Facebook

Tuesday: Allen Estes – “Not With Ya Hands”     Website     Facebook

Wednesday: John Raymond Jerome – “Breath”     Website     Facebook

Thursday: Alexandra & Josh – “Safe”     Facebook

Monday: John Keeghan & Madhouse – “The Kid Is Alright”     Website     Facebook

Week of July 23rd – July 27th… Our favorite duos!

Monday: Renee & Joe – “Ghost”   Website     Facebook 

Tuesday:  Venus Mars Project  –  “Hands of Time”    Website    Facebook

Wednesday: The Promise Is Hole – “Brother”    Website    Facebook 

Thursday: Hardy & Lamarch – “It’s Gone Wrong” Website    Facebook

Friday: Tall Heights – “Not Like It Was” Website     Facebook

Week of July 16th – July 20th…It’s the Battle of the Bands!

Monday: Pier Ave – “Wait”    Website     Facebook

Tuesday: KBMG – “Blue Sky Sundown”     Website     Facebook

Wednesday: Lois Lane & the Daily Planets – “Take A Ride”     Website     Facebook

Thursday: The Uncle Pleasant Band – “Can’t Take the Tow,” featuring our very own Tony Baglio on lead vocals!     Website     Facebook

Friday: Ballroom Thieves – “Can’t Cheat Death”     Website     Facebook 

Week of July 9th – July 13th

Monday: Alexandra & John – “Safe”     Website     Facebook

Tuesday: The Complaints – “The View”     Website     Facebook

Wednesday: Exit 18 – “Control the Mass”    Facebook

Thursday: Melissa Fine – “Rainbow Eyes”     Website     Facebook

Friday: Kate Eppers – “For Me There’s Only You”     Website     Facebook

Week of July 2nd – July 6th

Monday: Roger Bonsang – “I Can’t Dance”     Website     Facebook

Tuesday: Sophia Jane – “Living for Now”     Website     Facebook

Wednesday: Holiday Rewind – spotlighting an exceptional artist we’ve featured before

Thursday: Stenographer – “Perfect Love”     Website     Facebook

Friday: John Jerome – “Cloudy Day”     Website     Facebook

Week of June 25th – June 29th

Famous After 4 Rewind

Monday: Jon Butcher – “Bring It On Home To Me”     Website      Facebook

Tuesday: Rival Island – “Start Again”     Website     Facebook

Wednesday: Stephanie James – “You Fill Me Up”    Website     Facebook

Thursday: Sarah Blacker – “Blood From Your Gun”     Website     Facebook

Friday: Entrain – “Lucky Just to be Alive”     Website     Facebook

Week of June 18th – June 22nd 

Famous After 4 Rewind

Monday: Chelsea Berry – “Wandering”      Website      Facebook

Tuesday: Church Street – “The America We Live In”    Facebook

Wednesday: Miss Mojo – “Fly Me Up”    Website       Facebook

Thursday: LUX the Band – “The Ballad of Chalk & Cheese”     Website

Friday: Venue Mars Project – “LaLaLa Love”      Website

Week of June 11th – June 15th

Monday: Empty County Band – “Die Alone”     Website     Facebook

Tuesday: Sakshi Nandan – “Forever Like the Sun”      YouTube

Wednesday:  Catie Curtis – “Dad’s Yard”     Website     Facebook

Thursday: Renee Leavitt – “Daughter & Her Dad”      Facebook

Friday: Pier Ave – “She Don’t Cry”      Website     Facebook

Week of June 4th – June 8th

Monday:   Jesse Dee   –   “On My Mind, In My Heart”      Website   –   Facebook

Tuesday:   Ariel Strasser   –   “Kisses Like Yours”     Website   –   Facebook

Wednesday:  Natalie Joly   –   “Thunder”     Website   –   Facebook

Thursday:  Hardy & LaMarche   –   “It’s Gone Wrong”     Website  –   Facebook

Friday:  The Promise Is Hope   –   “Every Seed Must Die”     Website   –   Facebook

Week of May 28th – June 1st

Monday:  no feature (holiday)

Tuesday:  Ultra Chapelle   –  “Empty Entrance”      Website   –   Facebook

Wednesday:  Savannah Smith  –  “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”     Website   –   Facebook

Thursday:  Rick Pisano  –  “It Comes and It Goes”      Website   –   Facebook

Friday:  Elsewhere  –  “1981”     Website   –   Facebook

Week of May 21st – May 25t

Monday:   Marina Evans  –  “Afterglow”     Website   –   Facebook

Tuesday:   Kevin Herchen  –  “That’s What She Said”     Website   –   Facebook

Wednesday:   Tutti Druyan  –  “Call Me Baby”     Website   –   Facebook

Thursday:   Christa Gniadek  –  “I Don’t Know You”    Website   –   Facebook

Friday:   Qwill  –  “Phoenix”     Website   –   Facebook

Week of May 14th – May 18th

Monday:  James Hough – “Drive”      Website   –   Facebook

Tuesday:  Ashley Dawn – “Copilot”     Website   –   Facebook

Wednesday:  Miss Mojo – “Fly Me Up”     Website   –   Facebook

Thursday:  Katie Dobbins  –  “Bring on the Fire”     Website   –   Facebook

Friday:  Rival Island – “On Your Own”     Website   –   Facebook

Week of May 7th – May 11th

Monday:  Dave Bailin & the Bailouts – “Tell”      Website   –   Facebook

Tuesday: Tori Jones – “Going Up”       Facebook

Wednesday: Sam Robbins – “Now With You”     Website   –   Facebook

Thursday: LUX the Band – “I Just”     Website   –   Facebook

Friday: Bon Saints – “Bravado”     Website    –   Facebook

Week of  April 30th – May 4th

Monday: Mariami – “Electrify My Heart”      Website     –      Facebook

Tuesday: Kacie Grenon – “Break Mine”     Website     –    Facebook

Wednesday: Melissa Mills – “Borracha Bachata”    Website     –     Facebook

Thursday: Jme Redd – “Fate of Tomorrow”     Website     –     Facebook

Friday: Sweet Escape – “Apology”     Facebook


Monday: The Ultra – “Lights Go Down”      Facebook

Tuesday: Melissa Fine – “Conscience”      Website      –      Facebook

Wednesday: Lindsey Sampson – “Naomi”      Website      –      Facebook

Thursday: Christa Gniadek – “I Said I Love You”      Website      –      Facebook

Friday: Sarah Blacker – “Walkabout”      Website      –      Facebook

Week of April 16 – April 20

Monday: PATRIOT’S DAY – No Feature

Tuesday: Uncle Pleasant Band – “Finish Line”      Facebook

Wednesday: Ashley Dawn – “Raining Fire”      Website      –      Facebook

Thursday: Jason Psaros – “Downtime”      Website      –      Facebook

Friday: The Ballroom Thieves – “Can’t Cheat Death”      Website      –      Facebook

Week of April 9 – April 13

Monday: Gracie Day – “Black & Blue”      Website      –      Facebook

Tuesday: Venus Mars Project – “Hands of Time”      Website      –      Facebook

Wednesday: Rachel DeeLynn – “October”      Website      –      Facebook

Thursday: Stephanie James – “I Deserve Better”       Website      –      Facebook

Friday: Charlie Farren – “The Boston Anthem”      Website      –      Facebook

Week of April 2 – April 6

Monday: Miranda Russell – “Child of Mine”      Website      –      Soundcloud

Tuesday: Lux the Band – “The Ballad of Chalk and Cheese”      Website      –      Facebook

Wednesday: Quentin Callewaert – TBD      Website

Thursday: Lynne Taylor – “Grand Empire”      Website      –      Facebook

Friday: The James Rocket – “Clothes Make the Man”      Website      –      Facebook