Deb Gansenberg and Lisa Sugarman in front of 1049 micropones
Life UNfiltered

Sunday’s from 11:30am-noon. LIFE UNfiltered is something new. Something different. Something real and raw and relatable. It’s a brand new talk show that celebrates the messy, perfectly imperfect parts of life. Every Sunday from 11:30am until noon, show hosts author & syndicated columnist Lisa Sugarman and licensed psychotherapist Debra Gansenberg, MSW, LICSW talk about the everyday issues that are affecting them as moms, wives, working professionals, and friends. Gansenberg, the mom of three boys, and Sugarman, the mom of two daughters, take the theme from their latest book How To Raise Perfectly Imperfect Kids And Be Ok With It, and apply it to every aspect of life from raising kids and marriage to work and self-care and everything in between. They talk, unfiltered, about all the stuff that’s keeping you up at night and give you permission to make mistakes and drop some balls and be ok with it.  Each week, Debra and Lisa will focus on topics that affect all of us and have open, honest conversations about the good, the bad, the ugly, and all the moving parts that make up our day-to-day.  They’ll incorporate a mixture of clinical advice, stories, tips, and proven strategies from the trenches AND the therapy couch to help listeners find the magic within life’s screwups.  So set your alarms for 11:30am EST every Sunday morning so you don’t miss a single second of LIFE UNfiltered.  Also, make sure to reach out to Lisa and Debra with all your stories and questions and issues and perfectly imperfect moments so they can feature them on the air!

To reach Lisa, email her at lisasugarman@hotmail.comor find her at And to reach Debra, find her at or at