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Lighthouse Wine & Spirits

SATURDAY- 11:00AM-11:30AM

Before you shop for beverages tune into Alex, Katrina, Nick, and Dean, the wine, beer, and liquor experts from Lighthouse Wine and Spirits in Beverly every Saturday at 11A on North Shore 104.9. 

The Lighthouse Wine & Spirits show is designed to inform, educate and help consumers select the perfect wine, beverage or make the best cocktail for every discerning need.

Lighthouse Wine & Spirits opened its doors in Beverly’s North Shore Crossing Plaza (exit 47 next to Whole Foods) in November of 2019. The store is designed to offer a world class selection of beer, wine and liquor at great prices with excellent service.

Lighthouse has quite an expansive selection of wines from your everyday bottle to very rare wines from some of the world’s best vineyards. The liquor selection is also enormous and showcases bourbons and ryes from every price point, including some exceptionally rare brands most people never thought they would find.

Lighthouse has a terrific craft beer selection with many hard-to-find brands from local breweries.  Having The FRESHEST AND COLDEST BEER on the North Shore is important to Lighthouse. Whether you are looking for a small or rare mixer or an everyday bottle to the rarest of bottles, Lighthouse strives to make customers happy with fair prices and knowledgeable, friendly staff.

They also offer curbside pickup, delivery, and catering orders on consignment. If Lighthouse doesn’t have it, they’ll try their best to get it!  Customer satisfaction and community happiness is their goal.

Visit Lighthouse Wine and Spirits soon!

Visit Alex, Katrina, Dean and Nick for in-store tastings. For details go to Lighthousewines.com. Or send questions to sales@lighthousewines.com.